Can jQuery and Three.js play nice together?

This Jaanga cookbook section contains sample examples for building code based on using jQuery and Three.js.

The source code for the examples is available at: github.com/jaanga/cookbook/j3qUE/r1/

Derivation of the name: j3qUE = jQuery + Three.js + User Experience

See also the related post on jaanga.com

Sample Files

j3qUE minimum is the most minimum code that gets both working together

j3qUE interactive is the minimum code plus sliders plus communication/interaction between jQuery and Three.js

Coding Tips

Accessing jQuery code from within Three.js, use: #.parent.

Accessing Three.js code from within jQuery, use: .contentWindow

Updating Three.js

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Change jQuery UI Themes

Select a different jQuery UI theme.

jQuery Theme:

jQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery UI is a JavaScript library that provides abstractions for low-level interaction, animation, advanced effects, high-level themeable widgets, is built on top of the jQuery JavaScript library and is used to build interactive web applications. Both libraries are free, open source software, licensed under the MIT License.

Jaanga oSome Globe uses both these libraries to create the user experience components of the app.

In particular, Jaanga oSome Globe provides access to 25 sample themes hosted on the jQuery UI web site.

Each time the theme is updated, a fresh URL is created which can be used as a permalink to save the theme selection for future use. Further revisions of Jaanga oSome Globe will provide further features that may be saved as part of the permalink feature.

A nice benefit of the permalink concept is that your choices may be saved and shared without cookies being saved to your computer.

Copyright, License, Credits & Notes


Copyright © 2013 Jaanga authors


All software and documentation in this repository is available under the MIT license.

The MIT License



jQuery UI



Stack Overflow

The JavaScript DOM


All coding and testing is on currently carried out on Google Chrome only. Other browsers may have even more issues.